Top Naples Attractions

No matter how much you know Italy, Naples will give you another beautiful version of the country. The exuberant, colorful, sometimes crowded streets of Naples will give you memories you will keep talking about even after your stay there. Naples is a city that will keep all your senses active as there are plenty of things to do irrespective of what you’re in for. This city is also known for its archaeological museums, especially the ones that hold the treasures uprooted from the ruins of Pompeii. During sightseeing tours in Naples, you will learn about the city’s long history that dates back to the eighth century BC. The influences of the Byzantine, French, Spanish and Austrian eras are still visible in the streets and neighborhoods. Naples famous attractions you should explore on your vacation include Castel Ovo and the Lungomare, National Archeological Museum, Cappella Sansevero, Capodimonte Royal Palace and Museum, Catacombs of San Gennaro, Royal Palace, San Martino Monastery and many more.

How do people spend their days in Naples? First-time travelers spend their first days on bus sightseeing tours. This is a perfect way to explore the city’s busy streets without having to navigate the roads yourself. Some go for walking tours to explore the city on foot while others do something more exciting like taking a bike tour. Either of these will connect you directly to the city’s energetic aura, thus giving you the opportunity to take pictures at famous places and attractions. As you tag along with the city’s atmosphere, food tours will give you enough of Naples' best traditional bites like PIZZA, Minestrone Napolitano, Ragu, Pastiera, Mussel Soup, Frittatina Napoletana, Casatiello, and others. Among other night things to do in Naples, cruise tours and shore excursions are one of the best ways to spend your sunset. You wouldn’t want to miss the colorful ambience of Naples under artificially illuminated lights.

You can as well go on day trips from Naples to explore attractions in the countryside and neighboring Italian towns. Below are the best tours in Naples that are carefully handpicked by reading honest travelers’ comments. We’ve also compared their prices from top suppliers to help visitors with low-budgets. All important information pertaining to these options have been added to guide your decisions.

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